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independent studio for…

Trainers and

   massage therapists

train with us

bring your clients

to the pod

PT pod welcomes all trainers. We want to create a network of knowledgeable PTs.

Come join us and use our facility with existing clients and we will get you new ones, too.

If you’re a freelance personal trainer, you can come and work in our personal training studio.

With a maximum of 4 trainers at any one time, your clients will appreciate the exclusivity.

No more waiting around for equipment and sharing with regular members.

We also want trainers who have a range of skills and experience to train new 1-to-1 clients.

PT Pod will handle the client getting so you can do what you do best; get results for your clients.




We have clients that need massages


You can bring your own clients


High quality massage table onsite


Waiting room and shower facilities available


Leave your details to talk things through in more detail.